SES 2016


Event professionals from over 100 of the industry’s top agencies, brands, venues and event suppliers were the first to hear the findings of the 2016 SES research when it was unveiled at the Summit on 21 November.

Delegates gained a unique insight into how sustainability is currently viewed by corporate event planners, and to what extent it plays a part in the planning and execution of their events.

Speakers from Sky, Anglian Water, Delta Lloyd and Formula E joined industry media and sustainability experts from The People Who Share, Green Tourism, the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO20121 and Ethical Corp to discuss the findings and also look at what the industry should expect over the next 12 months, set against a backdrop of initiatives such as The UN Year of Sustainable Tourism.

If you were unable to attend the Summit this year, the full Global Sustainable Events Summit 2016 Report is available priced at £60 + vat.

1. This is a business opportunity:
You will learn about future changes to tender requirements and meet potential clients who are keen to collaborate on sustainability initiatives.

2. This is an educational opportunity:
You will receive education from accredited professionals.

3. This is a collaborative opportunity:
You will be part of interactive education which will enable the opportunity to network and share.

4. This is a reputation building opportunity:
You will be able to share your sustainability leadership with others or learn directly from the leaders.

5. This is an event in which delegates will be able to shape the community:
More details coming soon.

Boris Johnson, Former Mayor of London “We are delighted to support the Sustainable Events Summit in its mission to share knowledge and learning from global brands and leaders from the events industry with the wider live marketing and communication sectors. The event will build on the legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to showcase best practice and provide knowledge and expertise to the UK event industry. I wish you a successful summit and look forward to hearing about the resulting actions and outcomes for a more sustainable industry.”

Tricia Thompson, Director of Cycling, BskyB 
“Sustainability for me is not just about the environment it is about being a responsible business and doing the right thing. It’s about being accountable for your actions in a positive way.”

Fiona Plumpton, Event Solutions Manager, London & Partners
“It has been a really good day – lots of good speakers and interesting chats and I have made lots of notes. I now have a lot of homework to do!”

Gareth Talbot, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Glasgow 2014 Ltd
“Sustainability needs to be considered seriously because not only does it ensure the successful running of an event it is also value-for-money and also good for business and sponsors.”

Nick de Bois, MP
“Here we are on a platform that has brought together some of the most influential and creative thinkers in our industry, right across the supply chain. Many clients and end users talk about the sustainability in their briefs that go out to their supply chain, and some pay lip service to this and others don’t. So, we need to hear from businesses how the end users can do more and that will feed through the supply chain.”

Simon Hughes, Managing Partner, MCH Ltd
“I came to support the event because I think sustainability in the event industry gives us a real edge, and going forward I think this is one of the things we need to focus on. This event has been really interesting and I have had some really good discussions, some new ideas and some really good learning.”

David Stubbs,
“If you want to be in business in three decades’ time you have got to embrace current thinking and look ahead. There is nothing that sustainability prevents you doing – to me it’s a natural way of doing things.”

Carol Primett, Environment Manager, Anglian Water
“We have progressed, thankfully, but there is still a lot more the events industry need to do. We are talking about collaboration and having a bigger voice, so we now need to be talking a lot more about what we are doing, and the extent to which we can have an impact on the event industry.”


09:00 Registration and coffee

09.30-09.55 What do event professionals need to know about sustainability?

In 2016 the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by governments around the world. We begin the Summit by looking at what these global frameworks will mean for the event industry and use these significant advancements to set the context for the day.

09.55-10.30 Panel Session: How can we encourage event professionals to tell their sustainability stories?

Ethical Corporation's Stephen Wade will draw on his experience of global brands reporting on their sustainability impact as he chairs a panel of event industry media including:

Steven Wade, Ethical Corporation

Paul Colston, Editor of Conference News

Emma Hudson, Editor of Access All Areas

Susie Harwood, C&IT

As the panel share their opinions we will explore the missed brand building opportunities, growing transparency trends and how event reporting may be a government requirement sooner rather than later.

10:30 Coffee break. Opportunity to join tabletop sessions to learn about a number of 'labels ' that event professionals could use to demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

Jon Proctor, Green Tourism

Emma Owens, Global Reporting Initiative

Pierluigi Zacheo, ISO 20121

Benita Matofska, The People Who Share,

11:30 The Sharing Economy - Benita Matofska, The People Who Share, How the Sharing Economy is shaping the future of the Events Industry

11.45 Panel Session – A living example of how sustainability can inspire creativity which makes business sense. Our panel of event organisers including will share their recent and practical experience and explore the question is sustainability a barrier to creativity.

Nadine Dereza

Carol Primett, Anglian Water

Julia Palle, Formula E

Rick Stainton, Smyle

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Launch of Global Sustainable Events Summit Research Report

Be one of the first to receive the report and make the most of the opportunity to learn how it was created by attending table top sessions with:

Anna Loveridge from Positive Impact who will be explaining how the contributions were gathered

Emma Owens from Sustainable Events Ltd explaining the challenges and opportunities of gathering research content from global brands

Rick Stainton, MD of Smyle explaining the role of the summit partners in determining the research questions

Rachel Ley from Rachel Ley Consultancy explaining how the research shaped the event agenda

Liz Scriven from Liz Scriven PR explaining how the survey will be shared with the wider global industry

14:00 Panel session – Hear how sustainability is non-negotiable in the culture of global brands and what this means for the future of the event industry.

Nadine Dereza

Charlotte Brierley- Sky

Edward Perotti- VMware

Siviglia Berto- Delta Lloyd

15:00 A look at what the industry should expect in the next 12 months, from the role of events during the United Nations Year of Sustainable Tourism to the growing focus of sustainability in academia and the next generation of event professionals.

15:30 Summit ends



Anna Loveridge
Benita Matofska
Carol Primett
Charlotte Brierley
Edward Perotti
Emma Hudson
Emma Owens
Fiona Pelham
Jon Proctor
Julia Palle
Nadine Dereza
Paul Colston
Pierluigi Zacheo
Rick Stainton
Siviglia Berto
Steven Wade
Susie Harwood